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3 Days Marrakech Desert Tour to Merzouga

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3 Days Marrakech Desert Tour to Merzouga

3 Days Marrakech Desert Tour to Merzouga

This 3 Days Marrakech Desert Tour to Merzouga started on 16th May.
The following are the highlights of our exciting adventure :

1. An hour worth of camel trekking in Sahara Desert that started around 0700pm to see the magnificent sunset that colored the sky a pale pint of orange and enhances the vibrancy of the golden sand dunes

2. Another hour to admire the calming and beautiful sunrise the next day (for this one the camel guide woke us up early and we set off around 0600 am- time may vary depending which month of the year the tourists will visit)

3. The berber music that started roughly 30 min after our dinner ( while waiting for them, our group went out, just steps away from the camp, and enjoyed the night sky.

Lively and very engaging sound coming out from the guitar and drums. We danced around the camp fire, under the moon and stars, while chanting local words we learned from this trip and even shouting out our driver's name to show how grateful we were to him.

Solo female traveler here. I was apprehensive at first due to several reasons :

1. Safety of the whole journey
( Our driver , I'm really proud to say, was the best driver who manoeuvered our way throughout this trip with expertise. Very pleasant, respectful, and always went out his way to help everyone of us.
Safety of the tent ( there'll be tent available for those who travel in a group, as a couple and as a solo traveler. The old fashioned lock was broken in my tent, I have the choice to change to another one but chose not to, still I slept peacefully and woke up around 5am and got the chance to admire the full moon and stars.
Also, I was able to meet new friends especially that my group was really fantastic and approachable, we talked about our future travel plans, shared our common interests and laughed together.

2. Food sanitation
marrakesh travel services , explained that the designated restaurants were especially chosen by them to make sure that foodborne diseases will be avoided and quality will not be compromised. I loved the menus I selected, may be because it's their traditional food so they know how to do it properly. Prices ranges from 80-120 dirhams with drinks.

3. Currency to use and internet
Its always a good idea to exchange currency to dirham in the airport. Euro will do but the main one especially when paying for lunches and souvenirs is dirham. Before we run out of cash, our driver, also helped us to withdraw from an atm.
I bought a local sim card (orange) worth 10 euro in the airport and there'll be internet available in the hotel and sometimes in the restaurants.

4. Weather
Always have a bottle of water, it will just cost 10-15dr/1lt and meds for headache if needed.
Light clothes and swimming gear( there's a pool in the hotel where we stayed for our first night and there's another one in the hotel(La Source du Desert) where we stayed for about 2 hrs to have our shower and charge our gadgets before heading to the desert for the camel activity and the overnight stay in the camp).